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Lagscrew Village, volcanic and hot in there but unlike in the Westside Island, there's practically no nation nor government established near any of the zones near Hot Crater.

Cream traied with the "Chao Attack", Tails also learned the equivalent with T-Pup and Rotor's R-Kit. She also practiced the art of catching arrows, darts, and crossbow bolts, very hard thing to do yet important part of the Freedom Fighter training.

Amy's Crossbow is a gold and red crossbow much like the Piko-Piko Hammer also Medium-sized (SMG-size), Amy prefers to use a crossbow over a normal bow, even an English Longbow (she's not strong enough and doesn't want to use it) due to being far more valid to dual-wield with than a normal bow, she also uses the butt of her crossbow as a club. Amy has one in each-hand along with Explosive and Narcolyptus Jelly bolts like used to shoot Sally's left shin during the "Freedom Fighter Rivalry between Knothole/Fleetway and Lagscrew".

During the "Freedom Fighter Rivalry between Knothole/Fleetway and Lagscrew", Mergers of Knothole/Fleetway and Lagscrew are unlikely not only due to grudge-induced fighting but also pleading the fith when it comes to certain proposals of a merger. The one incident involved knocking out Sally Acorn with a Jelly bolt and ended up with Big and Gemerl repeatedly messing (rubbing, squeezing, sometimes kissing) with unconscious Sally's buttocks as a way of taunting their Knothole and Fleetway neighbors, angered especially Tufftee and urged Tails to unify together into Tufftails via "Chaos Unifcation".

Amy's Memories:

"Just push Amy away, Sonic, it won't be an issue!" said Tufftee.

Sonic and Amy did date eachother romantically despite her membership with Lagscrew and her vague grudge against Sally stemmed from Freedom Fighter rivalries. One of Tufftee's advices had made putting the breaks on overdating girls easier for Sonic, he was the reason that picking on fights people can't win should simply end, Tufftee was also helpful for deterring Rouge from meeting Knuckles due to her search for one of the Chaos Emeralds.

Back to Present:

Pollo's newly baked Giant Cinnamon rolls beeped from the oven, Pollo grabbed the pans from each over in his stone shack and served near the campfire, he grabs a handful of cinnamon rolls and stuffs them in his mouth. As he chows down cinnamon rolls, he remembered outclimbing Knuckles on a tree during the "Freedom Fighter Rivalry between Knothole/Fleetway and Lagscrew".

Marcus received access to knowing Nicole's memories of the past timeline, he also knew Chaos Regeneration won't work on Cosmo allegedly due to the genetic systems of the seedrians not supporting paranormal nor chemical resuscitations. Meaning Cosmo is gone forever and now still remains as a seed even in the "X-Trek cyberverse".

Forgotten Archived Memories:

"Cream!, Tails would rather just be with someone he prefers, whether you like it or not," said Tufftee.

But still, what if she felt awkward around him and wanted to break up with him? Tails sighed and walked away from the window, staring at his lab equipment. Tufftee would demand their universe's physical time rewrite if things happen after it was meant to be discontinued forever.

Back to Present:

Pollo came in to check with Helena the Hummingbird.

"Big's fishing rod could use some alternate form for tactical navigation," said Pollo.

"I'm considering adding a Riflemorph to Big's fishing rod," replied Helena.

Lava Fishing was possible but Big had often done it near the lavas of the Hot Crater Zone, something is yet to be a precious object nearing Big's lava lure.

Tehe "But still, what if she felt awkward around him and wanted to break up with him? Tails sighed and walked away from the window, staring at his"
Pollo is also nicknamed "SatAM Fisher" by Roareye.

*Helena the Hummingbird and all related belongs to Sea3on and SonicJ*

*Sonic and all related belongs to SEGA and Archie*

*Thanks legoland1085 for these cool redesigns of our favorite obscure Sonic characters but we still don't have the Post-SGW incarnations of Several other characters*

*(Pollo the Bear and other) Expanded Sonic material, the characters, organizations, fauna, objects, and other concepts belong primarily to Cookie Jar Group (formerly DiC Entertainment), Micheal Teitelbaum (formerly Troll Communications L.L.C.), and Archie Comic Publications, Inc.*
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