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Note: Chose to make Melissa Bee an older sister to Charmy (much like how Post-SGW Snively is named Julian instead of Eggman) to make Tufftee suitable for her.

Princess Melissa Bee


Princess Melissa Bee is a Mobian bee and a sister of Charmy Bee, she was interested in health for Mobini unlike her boyfriend/childhood sweetheart, Tufftee.


Melissa is Pink with Grey on her stripes and hair with golden skintone. She was mostly a pecuiler power type known as "Healing"/Support.

Age: 8

Eyes: Blue

Affiliation: Golden Hive Colony/Chaotix (occasionally).


Melissa typically wears white gloves with polka-dotted buttoned cuffs, polka-dotted boots, and a purple polka-dotted dress.


Melissa is bubbly, mischievous (taken before her brother), vain, naive, and impetuous.? However, Melissa remains positive and well-meaning in times of crisis, especially if she is responsible.


Melissa is 8 years old (Sonic may have dated Sally at that age before), she and Tufftee are mainly an internet couple but occasionally hangout in person, Tufftee found his style of dating Melissa more ideal due to his past concerns with Amy stalking Sonic. Melissa slept and cuddled with Tufftee couple of times.


Like other Bees, Melissa possesses a stinger, in addition to fighting, she can also use it for healing.
*Sonic and all related belongs to SEGA and Archie*

"Tufftee Acorn along with Sonic the Hedgehog Bible material belongs to Fleetway Editions."

"The Golden Hive Colony and all related things belong to Ken Penders and the Lara-Su Chronicles"

"Charmy Bee's sister idea is semi-public domain and subject to fan work related to the Sonic Franchise"

*(Princess Sally Acorn and other) Expanded Sonic material, the characters, organizations, fauna, objects, and other concepts belong primarily to Cookie Jar Group (formerly DiC Entertainment), Micheal Teitelbaum (formerly Troll Communications L.L.C.), and Archie Comic Publications, Inc.*
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